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Our Client Projects Gallery

Our Mobile Design Services

Mobile Website

Establish a solid online presence with a Web Define mobile Website. For both business and personal alike, this website allows for displaying of important content information, as well as providing an effortless way for clients and friends to get in touch.

HTML / CSS / JSCRIPT content

2 fully customisable content pages

Contact email mailing system, your clients can get in touch

Multimedia content, image slideshows, and music options available

Fully comptatible with today's phone browsers.

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Mobile Application

Thinking about enterining into the mobile global market?

Be it for large scall business, medium or small, you can be assured that Web Define native mobile applications can provide your client with exactly the software they need.

iOS (iPhone / iPad), Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry

Single or multiple content pages

Native on mobile hardware

Your app on iTunes store, Google Play, and or Blackberry App World

Discount 10% when purchased with website

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3D Mobile Application

3D web content delivers your business to your client within a fun, engaging and interactive medium.

Our expert 3D team can create tailored world environments suited perfectly for your vision.

1 Indoor or outdoor content rooms

Graphical text information interface

Interactive human characters with full animation options

Multimedia content, image slideshows, contact, payment gateways and music options available

Outdoor environments

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